The Jaguar Cycle

Ixchel by Susan Seddon-Boulet

Ixchel by Susan Seddon-Boulet

On Friday 15th July 2022 at local sunset we enter the 13 day Jaguar cycle of 1 IX (pronounced ‘ish’ in Mayan).

Ix, which means ‘woman’ in Mayan language, refers to the jaguar day-sign in the Tzolkin sacred Mayan Calendar.

For the Maya the jaguar is the night sun traveling into the underworld, the nocturnal starry sky. Here the jaguar presides over the mysterious magical feminine or yin polarity of the universe.

The feminine energies of the Earth are still alive in Mayaland even though, as anywhere else in the world, they are often desecrated and dishonoured by our modern way of life. As the portal of the new cycle in the Mayan Calendar Long Count is opening during the period around 2012 one of the main issues within the new global shift is to transform the current patriarchal supremacy. With the smaller cycle of the Age of Aquarius, also starting during this era, both the feminine and the masculine need to come into balance.

During this 13 day cycle welcome the feminine energies. Make time to connect with the powerful mysteries of nature and the medicine of the animal realm.

You may find you are born on a Jaguar day in which case this 13 day cycle is all the more important for you. If you wish to find your traditional sign and number you can use our Mayan Calendar Decoder featured in our publications.

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