Hi, I’m Claudie Planche and I hope that you enjoy this fascinating information about the Mayan Calendar which I discovered on my personal journey. Over many years of research since 1998 I found out many exciting facts about the Mayan people and their ancient customs.

I facilitate international Workshops and Events on the Mayan Calendar which include Mayan Astrology, both in English and French.

I am now making this essential information available in the form of Mayan Calendar Books and Cards plus digital online products such as downloadable videos, mp3s and pdfs. I happily offer them to you so that you can use what you need in order to understand the culture of the Maya and their amazing Mayan Calendar.

I also do personalised Natal Mayan Astrology Reading recorded as an mp3 audio file.

May you have good experiences on your own personal journey and I hope that these Mayan Calendar tools will help you to always find yourself in the right place at the right time.