*NEW* Mayan Astrology Book

I have the pleasure to announce the publishing of my new book with a Maya flavour, all in colour!

This book enables you to discover your natal Mayan Sign and Number and to interpret your natal Mayan Astrology with the traditional day-count.
It is also a practical guide to observe the rhythm of the Mayan Calendar like a Daykeeper.

Mayan Calendar Astrology

Mayan Calendar Astrology Book

Mayan Calendar Astrology

196 pages, colour
230 illustrations
£20 +£5 Postage UK/Europe

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The galactic alignment on the Winter Solstice 2012 marks the end of a long cycle of evolution. It is time to revive the precious teachings of the Maya to reintegrate human beings with the cosmos. Mayan astrology is part of the sacred body of knowledge left by the ancestors of this advanced civilisation.

Following on from the interactive guidance of the ‘Maya Cards’, this book presents a detailed study of Mayan cosmology and astrology based upon the Tzolkin sacred calendar, which is traditionally used for astronomy, divination, shamanism and ceremonies.

Interpret your natal Mayan Sign and Number
Starmaya – Mayan Calendar Astrology will enable you to map the personal solar destiny for yourself and other people. Interpret your natal Mayan Sign and Number according to the traditional day count. Discover your guardian animal and the symbolism which inhabits your personal day-sign. This book is both inspiring and practical with a wealth of colourful illustrations which allow you to explore and observe the rhythm of the Mayan Calendar. It also provides holistic information which will help the individual on the path traced by his/her Mayan astrology.

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  1. This book sounds awesome! Im very interested in seeing how closely your personal solar destiny map aligns with my mayan day sign descriptions.

    • MayanCalendar.net says

      Hiya Kelly…thanks for your kind words.
      I use the Mayan Calendar Traditional day-count, so if that is what you are using as well then there should be similarities. Good luck with your work and I send good wishes across the ocean to you! 🙂

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