Mayan Astrology

Mayan Astrology converts your date of birth into the sacred Mayan Calendar called the Tzolkin, using the traditional day-count. This day, which is the combination of a solar sign with a number between 1 and 13, is then interpreted according to its symbolic significance and its specific placement in the calendar. Mayan Astrology reflects the profound cosmology of the Maya who knew about vast cycles ot time involving the galaxy itself. Steeped in the shamanic ancestry of this advanced culture, it also encompasses universal meanings that can help you on your individual journey.

Mayan Astrology Signs

Mayan Astrology Signs

The 20 Mayan Astrology Signs are spiritual guides or ‘nawals’. The Mayan Sign which corresponds to your birthday is a very important ally in your lifetime. It is therefore helpful to know it well as it can bring you precious teachings. Our book Starmaya, Mayan Calendar Astrology introduces the Mayan Astrology Signs and Numbers with colourful illustrations and a holistic perspective. It includes a Mayan Calendar Decoder which enables you to easily convert each day, so you can practice Mayan astrology with family and friends.

Mayan Calendar

Not only your birthday but each day of the Mayan Calendar reflects various qualities. As the day-signs closely relate together, it is fruitful to observe the Mayan Calendar. Every 20 days, the passage of your natal sign in the sequence of the Tzolkin Calendar is a key time when you can harmonise with its energies. The Maya Cards Kit is a brilliant tool to keep track of the Mayan Calendar days. You can also use it as a Mayan oracle to answer a current question, another traditional aspect of the abundant and powerful sacred Mayan Calendar.

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