2012 is NOW! : Foreword

Introducing The Mayan Calendar & 2012

There has been a great surge of interest about the Mayan Calendar and 2012 so it was time to create a concise introductory guide. 2012 is NOW! focuses upon the living sacred Tzolkin calendar which is still used in astrology, divination and ceremonies by the contemporary Maya.

2012isNOW! Report

2012isNOW! Report

I have personally spent the last 13 years studying this subject and as the 2012 ‘end date’ approaches I find that I am meeting more and more people seeking answers to the pressing enigmas of these extraordinary times. Truly the world of the Maya is so rich that many researchers have dedicated their whole lives to exploring it. Nevertheless this topic should not be considered arcane or just be left to ‘specialists’.

When you first hear about 2012 you may encounter a negative perspective in the news and on the internet. For example the disaster movie ‘2012’ chose to broadcast a sensational apocalyptic view. However amongst others the ancient Maya, who tracked cosmic movements, pointed to this period as the end of a long creation cycle and therefore a unique portal of opportunity.

Since the Earth has been through such shifts before it is important not to be in fear during this transition lasting several years. The Winter Solstice on 21st December 2012 is an end date marking the culmination of this particular evolutionary cycle, but not literally the end of the world. It may in fact be the end of the old world as an era draws to a close and the old paradigm dissolves to make way for the new.

The world is changing very fast and many people are sensing a quickening as the pace of transformation grows exponentially. In this regard the Mayan Calendar has a great awakening role to play which is also about remembering our connections to nature and cosmic rhythms.

As participants in this current age we are all being affected.
So whichever way you see it… 2012 is NOW!

In Lak’ech*
Claudie Planche

*Mayan greeting which means “I am another yourself” and expresses the Mayan principle of the unity of all.

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