Winter Solstice 2012 It is time! says Chuen

On 21st November 2012 at sunset we enter the 13-day cycle of 1 CHUEN. With the Chuen cycle we reach the middle of the 260 days Tzolkin calendar : Kin number 131.

CHUEN, the Yucatec name for ‘Monkey’ or ‘Batz’ in Quiche Maya, is the 11th of the 20 solar signs in the Tzolkin also known as the ‘Sacred Mayan Calendar’. For the Maya, the monkey’s long tail represents the thread of time and particularly the Tzolkin cycle. Thus the Quiche Maya celebrate the New Year on the Day 8 Batz or 8 Monkey, which is 20 days after the middle of the Tzolkin cycle at 1 Batz.

The Monkey, Chuen in the Mayan Calendar

The Monkey, Chuen in the Mayan Calendar

The Monkey is also the patron of all the arts which are absolutely stunning in Maya culture and especially their highly developed calligraphy. He therefore often appears as the scribe, a very noble activity requiring impeccable skills and some knowledge of calendrics to keep track of the many cycles used by the ancient Maya.

As the current cycle of 1 Chuen is approaching the Winter Solstice 2012 day, we see the culmination of cycles at an important cosmic crossroads. These include the Long Count 13 Baktun cycle marking the peak of the 26,000 years grand cycle.

The 8 key moments within the Solar Cycle year express the waxing and waning of the Night and Day or Yin/Yang forces throughout the year.

The Solar Year cycle

The Solar Year cycle

The Summer Solstice is the peak of the light cycle when we can enjoy longer days in the Northern hemisphere. It is usually assigned to June 21st but can actually vary slightly to fall on the previous day or the next day according to the exact movement of the Sun. The Winter Solstice on (or around) 21 December marks the longest night. The other two seasonal points of the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes show the equal balance of the Day and Night forces. There are another 4 solar year markers which are celebrated in the mid-season festivals. Their celtic names are Imbolc on 2 February, Beltane on 1st May, Lammas on 2 August and Samhain or Halloween on 31 October.

Each Solstice contains the seed of the next cycle. This is beautifully shown by the polar dot within the Yin Yang symbol.

The Winter Solstice 2012 is the emergence of a new seed on a grander scale as Humanity is called to return to its galactic identity and to express a new paradigm. Chuen comes to remind us that it is high time!

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