The Mayan Day-sign Cauac Thunder and Lightning

The new thirteen day cycle of 1 Cauac in the Mayan Calendar starts on 17th June 2013 at sunset.

God Chac with its lightning axe

God Chac with its lightning axe


Cauac is the storm, the tempest which brings a deep fertile transformation and a liberation.

It is related to the Mayan rain god Chac who often carries weapons of lightning such as an axe.

In Mayan mythology, wild corn is originally brought to mankind by the lightning deities who crack the mountain open, thereby freeing the plant.

The Chac deities, recognised through their long noses, are invoked for the fertility of the crop throughout Mesoamerica.


Mayan rain god chac

Mayan rain god chac

During the current period of 1 Cauac, it is best to remain open to unexpected experiences with opportunities to act upon a strong personal drive. Communication is welcome to help enjoy this deeply transformative period.

From the evening of June 23rd in the second part of this 13 day cycle, i.e. from the day-sign 7 Chicchan, there will be sudden release of creative energy towards new freedom.

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