The Jaguar Cycle

On 13th April 2013 at Sunset, in the Tzolkin Sacred Mayan Calendar, we move into the ‘Jaguar Cycle’, the 13 day period of 1 IX, pronounced ish in Mayan Yucatec language.

Jaguar light  in the dark

Jaguar light in the dark

In Mayan symbology, the jaguar is the sun in its nocturnal journey through the underworld. The jaguar’s eyes are seen glowing and watching in the dark jungle as they shine their light like the stars into the night.

As the shaman, the jaguar is the main medicine of Mayaland, presiding over the animal realm. A Jaguar pelt is worn by the noble priests-kings and, as a cover for their bark codices, it encloses the precious Maya knowledge. Indeed in the vast night sky the ancient Maya accurately track the movements of various celestial bodies by recording cosmic cycles which can span millions of years!

The Jaguar also embodies the feminine energies and calls us to honour them as the IX Mayan day-sign and cycle wander through the Tzolkin Calendar.

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