The Equinox Springs into the 1 LAMAT cycle

We have just entered the 1 LAMAT cycle which closes the 260 days of the Tzolkin wheel in the Mayan Calendar. And on the second day of 2 MULUC, or 20th March 2013, comes the Spring Equinox!

The LAMAT day-sign is associated with the rabbit and MULUC with water and rain. So this year, in this current Tzolkin round, they combine to reinforce the freshness of Spring, the coming out of a gestation into the next phase.

In the Celtic lands of Avalon, the March ‘hares’ are┬ánow springing us into action after the long winter. In many tales, the speedy rabbit expresses this new natural spontaneity and fertility. In Mayaland the rabbit is sometimes represented as a scribe, as in the picture below from an 8th Century Mayan ceramic.

LAMAT associated with the Rabbit - Mayan ceramic

LAMAT associated with the Rabbit – Mayan ceramic

The Spring Equinox 2013 on a 2 MULUC day calls us to look at our individual emotions, as they can prove challenging. It is not about suppressing the emotions, especially as the Spring energies are rising to prompt us forward. Rather, it feels like an objectifying and purifying process. In this 1 LAMAT cycle, enhancing our creativity and what we personally find beautiful will also help.

At the foot of the Tor in the fairy lands of Avalon, the Springs are still managing to keep their purity in spite of the global ecological threat on our planet. The Red Spring, coming out of the lion’s head at the Chalice Well Garden, sings the natural flow of the solar passage into the vernal season on this Muluc day.

Red Spring, Chalice Well, Glastonbury

Red Spring, Chalice Well, Glastonbury

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