The 33 Vertebrae of the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar

On 22.02.2022 at local Sunset we enter the thirteen day cycle of 1 Chuen, at the half way point of the 260 days period of the Tzolkin Sacred Mayan Calendar.

Chuen, the Monkey, is the Mayan sign related to time and the calendars, particularly the Tzolkin calendar with its 33 main components.

The Monkey deity, Copan

The Monkey deity, Copan

As a multiple of 11, 33 is a ‘master number’ in numerology. 33 is 3 x 11, a particularly dynamic and inspiring blend, also the number of vertebrae of the human spine. So this was what I knew about the number 33 until May 1998.

On 4 May 1998, the number 33 became really significant with the visit of my first Crop Circle during the weekend of an international Mayan Conference in Glastonbury, UK.
Inside this incredible crop circle formation and in the exhilaration of its potent energies I receive a download of information regarding the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar which was to develop into the 33 Maya Cards.

Beltane Wheel Crop Circle, May 1998 UK

Beltane Wheel Crop Circle, May 1998 UK

“That Monday, we were on the bus driving towards the megalithic site of Avebury when suddenly, we saw on the side of the hill a crop circle fresh from the night before. In the vibrant yellow of a rape seed field, next to the sacred site of Silbury Hill, was the radiant torus formation later known as the ‘Beltane Wheel’.

This solar wheel contains 33 ‘flames’ which perfectly divide the inside of two circles. In relation to the themes explored during the weekend Mayan conference, one of the many possible interpretations of this formation was that it symbolically represented the alliance of the 20 Solar Glyphs and the 13 Numbers of the Tzolkin sacred Mayan Calendar.”

Extract from ‘Messages of the Maya Cards’

Indeed 33 = 20 + 13, the 20 solar glyphs and the 13 Numbers which make the 260 days of the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar as they combine together within its cycle :
20 x 13 = 260.

The 20 Solar Signs and 13 Numbers have symbolic meaning. They are the ‘spine’ of the sacred Tzolkin Mayan Calendar, the main 33 components that you have to know for daykeeping, astrology and divination.

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