The 13 Crystal Skulls

On 17 September 2012 at sunset we come into the 1 CIMI cycle of thirteen days in the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar. Portraying the face of a skull on its glyph, the day-sign CIMI points out to the prophecies from various Mayan communities which tell us about the key gathering of 13 ancient crystal skulls before the 2012 alignment.

Even though it is not possible to date stone, the skulls are certainly much older than the historically recent places where they were found and transported to around the world.

The Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull

The Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull

One of the most famous ‘original’ crystal skulls is the Mitchell Hedges. Named after the British explorer, this crystal skull was apparently found by his daughter Anna in 1924 at the Mayan ceremonial site of Lubaantun, now Belize, in Honduras.

The skull has a movable jaw, not made from a composite but from the same natural quartz piece. There are no marks of any carving device on the surface of the skull and the method or technology used to fashion the authentic ancient crystal skulls escapes our modern minds.

Along with other sources, native people explain that the ancient skulls were brought to their lands from Atlantean times about 12,000 years ago and were even present in much older civilisations. The 13 main crystal skulls are said to have originated from various solar systems. According to the oral indigenous lore passed down through generations, the Pleiades is the place from which the Mayan ancestors, teachers and some crystal skulls travelled from.

The Pleiades is a constellation which is central to the Mayan Calendar. As the timekeepers of daily and vast cycles the ancient Maya from the classic Period, from to 250 to 900 AD, knew about the long Precession cycle of 26,000 years. This also has the same length as another important cycle: the revolution of our solar system around Alcyone the main star in the Pleiades constellation.

Quartz, which naturally stores, amplifies and transmits energy, is used extensively in our computer technologies. Thus the original crystal skulls act like computers containing the records of a tremendous knowledge.

The crystal skulls create an energy field around them which can be used as to transform and heal, also providing visions and personal information. On a collective level they are holding a specific consciousness which the Mayan prophecies announce as paramount during these times.
Today various keepers are working to spread out the message of the prophecy, in which the crystal skulls are a tool for spiritual awareness.

Crystal Skulls events have taken place such as on the 10.10.10 in New York and the 11.11.11 in Los Angeles to gather authentic crystal skulls such as Synergy, and Sha Na Ra from Mexico which was originally transported from Hawaii in a reed canoo.

Crystal Skulls Event - Los Angeles

Crystal Skulls Event – Los Angeles

The Itza Mayan Elder Hunbatz Men who participates in such events stresses the importance of working with crystal skulls again. The ancient sacred skulls have to be taken back to the Mayan ceremonial centres so that they can activate these power places again with their special energies alongside Human energies. So he is calling keepers to give the crystal skulls back to the Mayan guardians, such as the Mitchell Hedges skull in the custody of Bill Homann since 2007.

Gathering the 13 authentic skulls will focus their potencies so they can assist the transformation we are experiencing on a global level and help humanity to correct the destructive path modern societies have embarked on and also to reconnect with ‘natural laws’.

The crystal skulls are a link to the ancestors and to the lost knowledge they are storing. As Don Alejandro Cirilo Oxlaj Peres, the High Priest from the Guatemala Quiché Maya Council, further explains, we have to reach a certain level of awareness and evolution for the crystal skulls’ information to be revealed to us.
As we approach the 2012 end date, we are now all living in the times of this prophecy …

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