Mayan Calendar Monkey in the Middle

On the 26th April 2014, the day 1 Chuen – 1 Batz – 1 Monkey in the Tzolkin Sacred Mayan Calendar we reach the middle of the current cycle. 130 days have gone by since the beginning of this Tzolkin cycle.

It is a turning point which, this time round, occurs between two eclipses and also coincides with the powerful planetary event of a grand cross configuration in cardinal zodiac signs. It reminds us to be present and poised as a lot of energies are shifting in order to be renewed. The main themes during this period will be to play the game of life the best we can as well as unveiling illusions and fostering relationships.

In Mayan culture, Chuen the Monkey is the scribe, the keeper of time and calendars. It presides over many arts such as calligraphy and sculpture carving.

Chuen, Batz, the Monkey in the Mayan Calendar

Chuen, Batz, the Monkey in the Mayan Calendar

The coming 20 days are preparing us for the next passage of the ‘Monkey day’ in the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar.  It will then be 8 Batz on 16th May 2014, when the Quiché Mayan Calendar New Year is celebrated.

Wishing you an easy turn in the constant ebb and flow of time!

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