Mayan Elder Message – Cycle of 1 Akbal

On 12th January 2013 at sunset we are entering the 13 day Cycle of 1AKBAL / 1 Night in the Sacred Mayan Calendar. This time is auspicious to travel into our inner worlds. This nocturnal journey is also a portal opening towards dawn.

Caves which express the interior realm of Akbal are very precious in Mayaland on many levels. As places of pilgrimage during the Pre-classic and Classic Maya period these natural sites reveal extensive ceremonial and initatiatory activity during the past.

DonAlejandro - Shift of the Ages

DonAlejandro – Shift of the Ages

Representative of the Maya traditions and indigenous communities of the Americas, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj – the 13th generation Quiché Maya high priest – delivers his message to humanity in the beautiful film ‘Shift of the Ages’.

In a video trailer from this recently completed film Don Alejandro is inside a cave in his native Guatemala. He calls us to awaken as a ray of sunlight pierces through to the depths of the cave.
Pointing to our alive mother Earth he exclaims:

“Wake up, wake up …
this is the hour of the dawn,
the work is ending,
get up everyone, 
no group will be left behind…”

Don Alejandro, Guatemala

Don Alejandro, Guatemala

The awakening has already begun with the new grand cosmic Creation Cycle initiated on the December Solstice 2012 and is now unfolding through all of us.

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