Mayan Calendar Divination

Manik, the Mayan Sign of Divination

With the recent turn of the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar wheel, we move into the thirteen day cycle of 1 Manik on 26th April 2013 at sunset. Manik being the sign of divination, let’s consult the Maya Cards, consisting of the Mayan Calendar 13 Numbers and 20 Signs, for the new Tzolkin cycle ahead.

Maya Cards

Maya Cards

I have chosen to pick 3 cards with the following attributes.
Card 1 : main energy of the next 9 month Tzolkin cycle
Card 2 : challenge
Card 3 : best ally to help us


Maya Cards - The number Five

Maya Cards – The number Five

The ‘main energy’ of this Tzolkin cycle is about gathering strength on all levels.
For this, pay particular attention to the passage of the day Five in the Mayan Calendar every thirteen days.

The next Mayan day Five is actually at Beltane on 1st May 2013 which is 5 Chuen! On this day it will be empowering to be playful but also to commit to and be strengthened by a relationship. Indeed Chuen is about marriage, very appropriate on this hand-fasting day!
Then, every 13 days, the number five will occur in the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar… so the next day Five will be 5 KAN on 14th May 2013… and so on…

The universe is now giving you the energy necessary to reinforce you, and your vision on the etheric plane, before the next phase of implementation. It is a phase when you can empower yourself and others. Gather resources around you. Avoid being inflexible and do not let the abundant power within you over stimulate your ego. Align your Self with your highest purpose … and “may the force be with you”.
Extract from the book Messages of the Maya Cards


Maya Cards - the day-sign Caban

Maya Cards – the day-sign Caban

In Mayan hieroglyphic writing Caban’s glyph represents the earth with its tremors and movement.
In our divination this card is coming up as ‘the challenge’. It points to us that our connection with the earth is lacking. It tells us to spend less time on the computer and be on the earth! We will need to ground ourselves and to go with the flow of synchronicities as much as possible.
Look out for the passage of the Mayan day-sign Caban in the Tzolkin every twenty days, the next one being 11 Caban on 7th May 2013.


Maya Cards - The number Nine

Maya Cards – The number Nine

Our best ally tells us not to give up but to persevere in order to reach our optimum limit on the day nine of each thirteen day cycles. The next day nine is 9 Men on 5th May 2013, then 9 Lamat on 18th May…

To enhance and observe the days of the Tzolkin you will find our Mayan Calendar Decoder very practical. It is available either as an A4 colour print or as a download!

The Maya Cards can also be used for your own personal questions.

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