Happy New Tzolkin Mayan Calendar!

Happy New Tzolkin!
Another turn of the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar wheel of 260 days starts at sunset on 31st March 2013.

In Maya cosmology IMIX is the earth or sea dragon, also represented as a crocodile.
Pointing to the birthing process in the Milky Way or “First Mother”, from the fertile egg of galaxies, the IMIX cycle is spiralling into our life during the Easter weekend.
Interesting synchronicity for this fresh Spring beginnings, as the Easter eggs take on a galactic dimension.

Sombrero galaxy

Sombrero galaxy

Once again, we begin a 9 month Tzolkin Mayan Calendar period with the 1 IMIX thirteen day cycle. It is now time to set our new intentions and projects for the new ‘gestation’ ahead…

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