Happy Mayan New Year!

On 21st August 2013 at sunset we moved into the 13 day cycle of the Mayan sign Kan in the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar.

It is in the 1 Kan cycle that the Quiché Mayan New Year happens on the 8th day 8 Batz/8 Chuen. This is 20 days after 1 Batz/1 Chuen the monkey which symbolises time and the calendars. This time round 8 Batz will occur on 28th August after sunset and all day on 29th August.

In Guatemala it is traditionally celebrated with New Year’s fires and ceremonies.

Mayan New year - Preparing the Fire

Mayan New year – Preparing the Fire

Quiché Mayan New Year fire

Quiché Mayan New Year fire

Wherever you are you can link to these gatherings and celebrate the fire element as it represents the sun bringing each sacred day.

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