Flowering Mayan cycle of 1 Ahau

The Mayan day-sign Ahau

The new thirteen day cycle of 1 Ahau in the Mayan Calendar is on 9th May 2013 at sunset.

As the solar consciousness, Ahau is the name the Maya gave to their shamen kings who aligned to the universal cosmic fire.

The bright Mayan day-sign Ahau also represents flowers and the blossoming process of the South sacred direction.

Flower Mandala from Danmala

Flower Mandala from Danmala

Flowers from Mayaland

In the sunny climate of Mayaland, an abundance of flowers radiate their high frequency blessings and delicious scents. Orchid species are extremely varied. Their vibrational resonance helps us connect to higher aspects of ourselves.

Wild orchid,  Mexico

Wild orchid, Mexico

Solarised Essences and Oils

As I write this 1 Ahau post in the magical green lands of Avalon, the flowers have now returned after a long winter. As one of the early flowers in our gardens and fields, the solar yellow dandelions beckon to us everywhere. It is a perfect time to do vibrational essences and oils. Solarised in oil, the dandelion essence does wonders to relax our stiff muscles and bring the energy of their bright light back into our bodies.

Dandelion flower

Dandelion flower

Enjoy the 1 Ahau cycle together with many other flowers too!

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