First Winter Solstice After 2012

Sunrise 21 December 2012, Glastonbury UK

Sunrise 21 December 2012, Glastonbury UK

As we approach the 21st December 2013 – the first Winter Solstice after 2012 – we are preparing for the seed brought by this new cycle in the solar year.

This definitely feels like a fresh start especially as the 260 day wheel of the Tzolkin – also known as the ‘sacred Mayan Calendar‘ – turns four days before on 17th December 2013.

The 13 day cycle which opens the Tzolkin is the 1 Imix cycle. Linked to our ‘first mother’ the Milky way, it comes to reminds us of our galactic connection just one solar year after the 2012 portal.

The day-sign Imix, adapted from the <a href="">Maya Cards</a>

The day-sign Imix, adapted from the Maya Cards

As part of the 1 Imix cycle, the Winter Solstice 2013 is either the day 5 Chicchan or 6 Cimi in the various local times across the globe. This year our galactic identity will be expressed through the empowerment of our kundalini energy (5 Chicchan/ 5 Serpent) and the dynamic remembrance of ancestral knowledge (6 Cimi).

Come and join us for a Special Mayan Calendar Event to welcome the new solar cycle at Stargaia in Glastonbury!

Mayan Calendar Winter Solstice Event

Sunday 22 December 2013
11:00 to 13:00

with Claudie Planche
at Stargaia, Glastonbury
Participation : £5

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