Etznab and the Healing Process

On Friday 27 July 2013 at sunset we move into the 13 day cycle of the Mayan sign Etznab in the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar.

As the flint or obsidian knife, Etznab refers to both wounding and healing.

The Mayan sign ETZNAB - Maya Cards

The Mayan sign ETZNAB – Maya Cards

In Western Astrology Etznab can be associated with the planetoid Chiron. In Greek mythology Chiron was the wounded healer, the wise old centaur who taught many heroes. He had extensive knowledge of astrology, music, poetry and natural medicine.

His story illustrates that in the healing process the wound will have to be faced so we can gain greater awareness, knowledge and also discover the gifts hidden in this situation. It is now time to confront or revisit a recurring pain. It is not about endlessly repeating it but this time it can be transformed with some skills in hand.

As a sign from the North direction, Etznab shows, no matter what happens around us, how to find our individual strength inside through inner work towards healing and liberation.

This time round, the 1 Etznab cycle falls in the Leo month. So in the next 13 days we can all shine our unique light into the dark. Seeing without fear or shame, we can enhance love and warmth.

If endurance is asked for in the current situation, remain confident about a positive outcome in the future. Notice the flow of synchronicities to help bring clarity. Much brightness and creativity will be available at hand to avoid confusion and to heal the feeling of being abandoned by spirit. In fact tremendous emotional and spiritual communion can occur during this particular cycle.

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