1 Cib – Clearing harmful electromagnetic pollution

The 13 day cycle of 1 CIB

On 25 January 2013 at sunset, we are entering the thirteen day cycle of 1 CIB in the sacred Mayan Calendar.
The day-sign Cib – the vulture – points to the aura and to subtle energies illustrated by this bird’s majestic high flight.

Turkey Vulture in flight

Turkey Vulture in flight

Cib the Vulture

Birds in general express the height of the subtle or etheric spheres.
With the eagle, the vulture is the highest flying bird. Without effort, he glides up and down the thermals displaying his magnificent wing span.
Human beings possess several etheric bodies extending from the denser physical body. Vibrating at various frequencies they form an auric field. The aura can be represented as an egg shape around the body.

Electromagnetic pollution

Cellphone mast

Cellphone mast

Within the energy field that we live in daily, we are being bombarded with EMF pollution or damaging electromagnetic frequencies which are seriously challenging our health.

Indeed the telecommunication industry has been invading our environment with thousands of antennaes and masts for wireless transmissions. This network for the use of mobile phones, WIFI and cable television exposes us and all of life to extremely harmful electromagnetic waves. Despite overwhelming evidence, this lethal technology is still being used and therefore continues to pollute the world, destroy wildlife and damage our health.

Canadian research has shown that birds are sensitive to microwave fields, avoiding them if they can and rapidly collapsing if they cannot avoid them. It was found that defeathered birds were not so affected. Indeed feathers act as antennae (natural, non harmful ones!) to convey electromagnetic energies to the birds.

Human beings are also affected, relative to their proximity to these technological devices. Because of the high number of users and tower networks the environment is degraded for 100 metres or more. These radiations create increasing diseases and symptoms which include heart arrhythmias, strokes in young people, blood pressure fluctuations, dizziness, epilepsy, brain tumours and Alzheimers, as the blood-brain barrier is compromised by these microwave energies.

Clearing our energy field

Cleansing our auric field through visualisation, such as surrounding yourself by golden light can help to boost your energies. We can also ground the static energy by touching the earth with our bare feet or hands for a few minutes.
Working on a vibrational level, flower essences such as Yarrow (white and pink) and Fringed Water Violet can also be used to protect the aura.
The coherence of Sacred Geometry in our living spaces or geometric shapes carried within our aura, can protect us, as can be shown via muscle testing. One of the strengthening responses against mobile phones is the star tetrahedron, the 3D six-pointed star. For electrical pollution the cuboctahedron is very efficient.

Star Tetrahedron

Star Tetrahedron

Ultimately the implications are that it is our whole way of life that needs to be changed…
In this battle for health and consciousness the current Cib cycle is a true inspiration.

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